Diary for Mon Jan 29 – Your OPs & Questions, LoMs, Writing File

Yesterday we had students sharing their work and we also dealt with language and textual questions.

Because I always forget to check your attendance, I asked students to tick their attendance on my sheets. Perhaps we can do this as a classroom routine? It’s just paperwork, I mean, there are no consequences in terms of you passing or failing this course.

I gave out the follow-up materials on Writing Formal Letters (HR, 2 sheets), and also your checked work – letters and because I know mastering methodology needs follow-up work – I explained what the point of the Writing File and your writing assignments were. Unfortunately, there were three people in class at that time (! 😀 ) so when people finally arrived I asked Carmen to tell them about what I said, to practice her English, but then we forgot! So I hope, dear Carmen, you assist me on this whenever you wish to explain, OK?

Reminder: spares of copies of the 4 articles I handed out last week for the next two months (I’ll create a listening gapped activity with the audio of one of them, so make sure you read them! 😀 ) and of this follow-up material for your WF available in class.

I also mentioned why I am a demanding teacher and in which ways I am.

Macarena shared with us a presentation on a TED Talk on relationships (“Do kids think of sperm donors as family?” by bioethicist Veerle Provoost) whose highlight for me was how well Macarena did: how she walked in listeners shoes introducing the topic by sharing info on her source, how she avoided grammar and pronunciation mistakes (anyone can do this if you “recycle” language you heard!) and how articulate her explanations were.
I wrote on the whiteboard some language questions and tips for LoMs – if you like, post any info on what I miss as comments here! Because / As / Since she was interrupted a few times (it’s unavoidable in class, and well, interaction is always positive, so – we do what we can!), we didn’t time her OP and I can’t remember if we allowed her to make a final comment, to wrap it up in some way, but I suspect it is probably a great timed speaking exercise for your / her Speaking File!

As she spoke of apple trees a song came to my mind, but in spite of that, I managed to focus on listening to her! 😀 Carmen McRae’s singing of “Underneath the Apple Tree”.

Macarena had also written a summary or a reasoned opinion (I don’t recall just now, sorry!) of Rita Pierson’s views on Education (here’s the post) and I hope she can read it out once she makes a clean copy after working on her LoM! 🙂

Rubén had been listening to different radio program(me)s on relationships and shared with us his notes on useful language: mostly he focused on phrasal verbs and idioms about getting on and splitting up, and I think students appreciated going through that kind of vocabulary. Feel free to share your notes!

Antonio had been working on the Naomi /nei-o-mi/ Klein book review and handed in a summary of his reading work on that, where he linked shock doctrine to ways-out – circular economy! He told us a bit about it, too, after engaging us in an original intro where he asked us what other uses would we give to the candy/sweets basket! (If I made any mistakes in the reporting, people, please, feel free to post corrections!)

Esmeralda had posted questions on my posted feedback, and we dealt with those in class: em dashes and hyphens, “Due to”, “Also, / also / , too”… After class, I asked Esmeralda to contribute an explanation answering her questions about “due to” (this is how wicked teachers like me can get! demented laughter!), and promised to post here my notes on that, which I worked on for our first C1 generation of students (2015): they’re on their course blog bc I never find the time to publish stuff on TP (Functional Grammar)! Please, don’t get lost in detail. Pick examples you understand and which help you remember how NOT to misuse “due to”! 😀

Finally, I mentioned my proposal for your next Writing assignment (a proposal on Tourism, can’t remember where I posted that. People in class asked whether that topic could also be developed in an argumentative article and the answer is YES! Many topics can be developed in different kinds of texts! Did I tell you what I did at an EOI exam when asked to write about the elderly?), but people are free to work on what they deem most convenient for them following the Writing File Checklist. If you’re going to write more than one piece a month, the maximum is two, and they should be handed in after having worked on your LoM with the corrections to the previous writing assignment.

Last, for me, a priority is you consider my FEEDBACK posts and you share your questions in class, OK? Next Monday we could start with this one.


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